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Screw You

Date Written: October 2, 2017

From me to you

From the bottom of my heart

Screw you.

I hope life rips you apart.

I hope your dreams end in misery

I hope your pain burns hotter than purgatory

You accursed swine, filth in my field

You who comes to me, the pretentious friend, real. 

I hope your soul is engulfed and your skin peels. 

Green snakes in green grasses the lot of you. 

You circle around like wolves to see what cards life deals me

And when it suits you, you vanish like the morning mist

Run along, run along, you have had your last gossip

The next time you return, I will claw out your heart.

You who have proven yourself to be the real enemy.

You never sent a message, unless you needed me.

I am done playing the fool, deluding myself with visions of love and love reciprocated.

I need to know what is real in my world and do away with the fabricated.

Enough with the illusions, so one by one disappear!  The lot of you!!!

Even if I stand alone, in the end, I’ll know I am the only thing real. 

But screw you!!!  Screw you!!!  Screw you for deceiving!

Screw you!!!  Screw you!!!  Screw you for lying! 

For kicking me while I was down.

For looking down upon me. 

For taking what’s left of my humanity and feeding it to me! 

I pray you face damnation for your sins on my trust and naivete.

Screw you!

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