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Date Written: October 1, 2017

We come out in the deep of the night,

Our waters create our favorite song,

To dance in the pale moonlight,

Oh, how we love to sing along,

The rivers rush over sticks and stones,

To create our favorite beat,

Through mountains and over ancient bones,

And makes us yearn to move our feet,

The waterfalls reflect the sun,

And make us want to dance,

We prepare to have some fun,

Please give me just a chance,

The ocean’s waves crash on the beach,

Which calls up to the clouds,

Overhead sea gulls squawk and screech,

To gather up the crowds,

The rain pours own on all the land,

Like a million tiny drums,

The thick grey haze means life is grand,

To its sweet call everyone succumbs,

We’re all dancing barefoot,

As the sunrise comes we return to our beds,

The dew drops sparkle underfoot,

As beautiful and graceful as Naiads.

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