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Date Written: October 24, 2017

Stands a high pitch ringing so purely, softly, soprano.

In a void of sight but fiery warmth,

Released. A tiny sphere naïve to fear.

Chiming clearly through an invisible rain.

So faint yet so boldly disruptive.

White floods the passion burning

And beyond lies the hollow


Breaths taken in filled silence

Muted with hesitation, holding back no more


What seemed faint, now abrupt

Uncontrolled and untamed

Broken cage, a glow shattered

Left in roughed arms tragic

A monstrous beauty of cruel consumed

Awaken eyes in calm serenity

Bliss stricken chords of a glorious feat

To then realize the potential inside

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Image potential  Feel the high pitch ringing so purely, softly, soprano.In a…
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