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Date Written: November 7, 2017

looking for something immortal

in a dying realm

some dream to be my portal,

out of a dying world.

The diamonds I held yesterday,

all turn to glass,

the reddest roses fade to gray.

Nothing seems to last,

The things I love the most,

turn to memories.

While the things that I detest,

become my day to day.

Looking for a future,

that has already passed,

searching for a fire,

that will last.

The burning of her eyes

& the fire of her mind,

is less than I remember,

& is it just a trick of dimming eyes,

or are my forests framed with smaller timbers?

The shadows somehow too,

don't seem as dark as then,

& the music I would have sold my soul to,

seemed seemed sweeter way back then.

The tales of ancient days & kings,

seem more ancient,

am I turning now to grayer things?

Or is the world decaying?

If all seems dark,

& all is graying,

is it just the lights inside my head?

Is it me that's fading?

Am I all that I once was,

or am I lesser now,

though I am greater in the flesh,

am I lower in the brow?

How is it once we were invincible?

With worlds to take,

& now the powers we sought to topple,

hold us all in chains.

It seems almost as if,

my last hold's been taken.

Is this sime gift of temperance?

Or has my confidence been shaken?

Once I did the wrong things,

for the right reasons.

But now it feels, when I do right,

I am commiting treason.

Once, all my sin,

I mourned with blood & tears,

but it seems as if my passion,

has left me with the years.

Am I finally seeking comfort?

Have I finally succumb?

Is this the one day that I feared for?

The day that I grew numb.


I still know what I am seeking,

in this land of shades,

it is the blood of the UNDYING,

in the land that never fades.

One comment on “Undying”

  1. JessicaMars     November 8, 2017

    Beautiful…relativity theory in poetry

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