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A Father’s Strength

Date Written: September 28, 2017

A father's strength helps him endure, He is the backbone, the head, and protector

A Father's Strength is immeasurable,

The pedestal of his very existence, His strength is the foundation

He has the strength of Samson Carries his family on his back and is strong

 Strong enough to surrender to a stronger God             

It is not weakness

 He possess the meekness of Jesus and the righteousness of Noah Walking with God during the storms of life,

 Floods cannot drown his endurance.

Faith like David Facing giants with the slingshot of the word,

He grabs hold to the rock of his salvation and uses the force of his praise.

He loves his wife like Christ loves the church.

 He raises his children with the leadership of Jacob.

He steps in like Joseph and cares for the ones he had adopted in his heart.


A Fathers Strength, like a mighty lion willing to do anything to protect his pride

Standing tall and strong, showing no fear and willing to look death straight in the eye

The priest and watchmen of his home

Guiding his family to our Lord and saviour

Teaching his sons that there is always a reaction to your behavior.

You could search this world high and low

Every width and every length

But you will find that there is nothing that would compare to a real Fathers Strength!


    -(Collaboration Piece by) :Rashida Thomas, Alicia Tuner, Kiara Themes

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