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Ballroom Regicide

Date Written: September 29, 2017


Ballroom Regicide


By: Kiara S. Themes


She stood there in an 18th century dress

A MASK representing the recondite secret she possessed.

The eloquent beauty displayed by her attire contradicted how

she seethe the sight of her soon to be ex lover.

She strolled across the ballroom in a somnambulated state

As if she lost touch with reality himself.

Where in all actuality she was starring him in the face.

He was her oppressor.

She amputed his every move with her eyes.

She was in denial

This gave her this sordid feeling against reality.

A feeling deeper than the Corinth canal.

Lost regrets and broken promises

With this now her world was emotionless

No sardonic speech or raillery seemed to upset or amuse her

And for a succinct moment she felt as she serpentine in a bottomless pit of his so called


Or was it hate

Her torn thoughts turned into morbid confusion

This is because she knew that in the position of his lover she will never be a sinecure queen

She didn’t have the stamina nor the longevity to stay with him

She had to leave him


Something was about to transpire as her heartbeat became sporadic

She is about to be the solver of her gargantuan scenario

In her head a dark requiem played as she walked out to the balcony of the ballroom

Went to the edge and fell off

Her last words were

“Goodbye reality the king of my torment you have reached your regicide”.



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