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My Wedding is today: Spoken Word Sessions

Date Written: September 29, 2017

By: Kiara S. Themes


My wedding is today

But there will be no traditional ceremony

My wedding is a covenant of spiritual matrimony

There will be no makeup to cover up or make up for the scars my flesh exposes

Because he who I will marry purifies and cleanses

My dress will be red and my shoes will be white

A ceremony covered by the blood and my path brightened and guided by his holy light


There will be no quote of speak now or forever hold your peace

Because there will be no one present but the trinity and me

On bended knees

I was called to this altar by his still small voice

Predestination and purpose prepared me to make the choice

So I obeyed


No need for my natural father to walk me down the isle because my Father in heaven allowed me to give myself away

LORD I vow to you and say

Even if I should never have anyone by my side

I know was proposed the ring of salvation and it is a honor to be your bride

Because when he hung upon that tree he died you and i


He shed his blood so we would be made free

So when I think of my deliverance

I fervently think of how he delivered and rinsed me

There is a desire in my soul that could never be met by man


To seek your face is what I yearn to do

Lord As a close my vowels I verily say to you

I do I do fully submit myself to you both holy and acceptable

I do I do fully submit myself as a women strong with faith unmovable

I do I do fully accept the words written in psalms 31:2 accepting your proposal of salvation


Even death itself cannot do us part

If I could physically give you the paint brush I would allow you to paint your words on the canvas of my heart

You are my Yehoshua

Lord my salvation

And I know you will be with me forever on this earth and into eternity.

So even if I am blessed with companionship here on earth I will always love me independently

And faithfully I always take time to cherish the words of Joshua 1:9

Faithfully I am yours forever and You are mine



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