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purpo S E . re A son . p r e S e n c e . b O r N S.E.A.S.O.N ” A Chrsitmas Poem”

Date Written: September 29, 2017

Collaborative piece by: Kiara Themes, Terez Heckstall, Alicia Turner, Rashida Thomas


Behold Jesus

Born in a manger in Bethlehem

Isaiah spoke of His divinely calculated prophesied birth

G-d put on a blanket of flesh and stepped into a corrupted Earth

The greatest gift to mankind

Wrapped in swaddled cloth symbolizing He was born to die

If only Mary knew she was looking at her savoir when she looked into her baby eyes

In no disguise a baby born that’s is earths salvation


He is the true ruler of every nation– blessing without discrimination, He made himself the ultimate compensation– bearing the burden of men's sins, yet extending his hand to heal and reveal– illuminating what we wish to conceal, but His illumination is the first step to the alleviation of the problems that lie at our core, and once He's touched you, you'll yearn for more


His presence is the present that this world needs,

Emmanuel, born so that our souls are free,

Come to save all mankind

Even your birth was divine,

The word itself came to life

Our salvation was born that night

No one knew what your purpose was

You were heaven on Earth now that’s love

Emmanuel Emmanuel your presence is still here

Because of you we don’t have to fear

Thank you for sharing your gift with us all

Now we can walk straight and stand tall

Now let me explain the reason for it all


Understand Christmas is a time of celebration, giving thanks to G-d for providing us with his unconditional love.

On this day he gave us his son to save us from this world and the sin thereof.

Yes, the time spent with family, laughing and cheering is all shared with love,

Even though the gifts and toys fill the room with excitement this is not the true meaning of Christmas my little boys and girls.

You can’t x Christ out of Christmas making it Xmas because without Christ it has no meaning. He is the only and true meaning for this very grateful season.








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