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The Strong Christian Mother

Date Written: September 29, 2017

The Strong Christian Mother

A poem based off the collection of Scriptures from Psalms, Corinthians and Ephesians.

By: Kiara S. Themes

Who can replace a mother’s love?

Her love is patient

Her love is kind

Her love keeps no records of my wrongs.

Her love is as the sweetest song, the lyrics are formed from the pain, hard work and trials she has endured.

Even the times when she instructed me right and I decided to take detours

Her love and prayers never ceased

Although not perfect she gives the purest love to me.

Strength and honor are her clothing

Praises to G-d, Compassionate words and wisdom are the fruit of her lips

She is the portrait of strength and courage


The strength to carry me for 9 months
and the courage to raise a young woman

I honor her and cherish every moment

For long days I will continue to honor my mother

Appreciating everything she does for me


A precious, loving, and virtuous mother‘s worth is far above rubies


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