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The Voice Of Freedom -Spoken Word Sessions

Date Written: September 29, 2017

Spoken Word Sessons: The Voice of Freedom

By Kiara S. Themes



Every day I struggled

Separated from my true identity

Treated like worthless


With every slash and bruise that cut marked the surface of my skin

But also the very depth of my heart

See I have big dreams but I could barely see past those cotton layered fields

So oppression crushed them


Actually Being set free was the last thing on my mind then…..

The papers were signed!

The papers were signed!

I was emancipated into a new world



I struggled to find my place


Out in a new world that degraded my humanity

Instead of being treating human

I was treated like another species

Saying I was equal was just like pleading insanity

I needed freedom

Out of slavery but still had the mental capacity of a slave

Wanting to be free but never wanting to change


So my people why is it the same today

Why have some become 21st century slaves?

Being in the same condition as our ancestors from the bad choices we make

Why does the injustice brought upon our race cause us to riot?

..But not to change

Yeah history repeats itself

But we don’t have to live up to the negative piece of their expectations

Continuing to allow clichés of the past to separate us agansit ourselves  causeing genocidal mental segregation

 We are a race from a lineage of royal generations

So what is this fight?

We often forget that the issue is neither black nor white

But Sin

Because when being a 21st century slave

Enslaved by the ownership of sin, we forgot who our true owner is

The true master!


Whom Christ His Son emancipated us with the Document of His Word


And As a race if we just turn from our wicked ways

And seek his face he will hear from heaven and heal the land

G-d is powerful to take the injustice and malice out of the heart of man

And you see


As a race G-d will take off the shades of obscurity

And help us to see we are fighting from a place of victory

Open eyes with truth so we could see were already free


This is the emancipation of a 21st century slave

Being free in Christ Jesus and Him conquering every sin, even death and the grave.”

This is the emancipation of a 21st century slave

A race renewed chains broken

A generation of Joshuas

 with new histories to be made

So my  people We are no longer the voice of a slave

Christ has made us the voice of freedom

So let us freely

..  Continue to make history

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