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Is It Really Enough?

Date Written: October 28, 2017

Is it really all worth it?


There’s something about the pain in your mind and the pain in the grind that you start to wonder, is it really all worth it? 


Now I’m not talking about my life no no no, it’s all the things that I do to get to where I want to where I go

I’m wondering is it really enough. 


You grind, you work and you believe it’s all right, the things you do to get a good start in life. 


But when faced with the facts of real life and the money, you see it’s not all black and white 


Everything can seem grey for a while can’t you see, and you may seem lost with wonder with everything you will be 


It’s just the timing isn’t right, the grind isn’t right, the people aren’t right, so what is?

Is it the focus? 


But how can you believe in something you cannot see, is it because you want it to be?


It’s all an idea in your mind that you want so much but again is it really enough?


They say to dream big and live your life with a purpose so much that you feel you can barely breathe


So, when it comes to education do they believe in your dream, in your wants, in your needs for a future? 


All they seem to see is these lines they expect you to fit into, but they’re so drawn by them they can’t even see the outside figure 


Of money and success that drives you when you feel the need to rest 


You see there are people, thousands even who want the same things, they have the same vision, but it’s all about the work ethic that’s been driven


Through your mind, through your focus, through your talent, and your wants, some people are start with nothing and pass you while you’re lost in your thoughts 


Because they want it so bad they’ve been forced to think nothing else, all their energy is in one, it’s all focus and nothing else. 

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Image Is It Really Enough? Is it really all worth it? There’s something about the pain…
by KJMartin
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