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What is What?

Date Written: October 23, 2017

Locked inside

As heavy chains 

Keep me from escaping

To afraid to let go

Allowing the chains to become stronger.


No longer able to fight the demon

Isolating myself as time becomes unclear

He was the one who hurt me

When he should've been the one protecting me

To think my father could do such harm.


4 white walls soon became my friends

When no one else knew.

To them i was crazy

Yet, to me i was insane.

Just once i wanted to feel nornal.


Normal wasn't a word

To be normal was impossible.

I was a lost girl

Finding her way 

To regain her self as a whole


What is what when you can't define yourself?





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Image What is What? Locked insideAs heavy chains Keep me from escapingTo afraid to let…
by Kota Jean
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