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to love

Date Written: September 14, 2017

To Love

weakness adore admire kindness cherish honor 
respect listen learning wanting frustration believing crying 
all these words describe love in the making and all the feelings 
we go through while in love with who make us go crazy yet sane 
love is wanting to better yourself yet better them all at the same time
love is wanting to annoy that one person for the rest of their lives and
wanting to kill that one person yet wanting to protect them from danger
sometimes love is romantic but sometimes it’s just knowing them 
better than you know your self loves a creator but it can destroy
love can make us grow in maturity but sometimes it makes
us act younger what love makes us do is amazing because 
love is beautiful yet can be ugly you know you’re in love 
when all the songs make sense and you think about
that person and smile sometimes you want to 
always be with them and sometimes you
wish you never met them love is 
equivalent to hate they come
together and cross 24/7
to love is something 


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