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Freedom Papers

Date Written: November 5, 2017

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Freedom Papers



No need to clutch your purse

Old lady

Please, don’t worry

I’m one of the “good ones”

I’m not like the others

You know, the ones who say

“Nigga”, “Yo”, “Know what I’m sayin’ “,

Do you understand me?


Don’t you see,

I’m dressed differently.

My shirts tucked in,

My pants are pulled up.

I’m wearing shoes – not sneakers.

I’m not one of them niggers,

Who commit crimes and

Run from the police.

I’m a Model Negro.


Look at how quiet

I am.

I hold no controversial views

That may upset you.

I don’t even want to

Talk about racism, sexism,

Homophobia, xenophobia

Or other “sensitive topics”.

We’re all the same.

We’re all having the same experience.

We’re all given the same opportunities.

We’re all free.


But why do I have to show my

Freedom papers?


– Sorry, that’s a bit radical

A little too controversial


Even my hair is “professional”.

I’m not rockin’ –

Sorry I mean, “wearing”

An offensive, nor intimidating

Hairstyle that would make

You uncomfortable.

I don’t have dreads,

Twisties, nor braids.

I’ve cut my hair,

So, there’s no need to

Hold onto your purse

For dear life.


I’m sorry,

I couldn’t change

My skin.

But I’ve done the

Next best thing.


Look at my

Bachelor’s Degree.

(I’m even working

On my Masters.)


I am intelligent.


I understand things,

Well everything they

Told me was worth understanding.

But why do I have to show my freedom papers?

And you’re accepted for who you are?

Why don’t you represent everyone

Who looks like you?


– Sorry, was that too much?

How about that game last night?

The weather has been terrible lately?

Would you like another cup of coffee?


So, why are you afraid

Afraid of me?

I’ve dispelled

Virtually every myth

You have conceived.

I thought I’d fit in

With this piece of paper

But your vision of me

Will never leave.


– K.S. Fort


From, “The Civilized N -”


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