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Painting Of Suicide_Written_2009

Date Written: October 13, 2017

I painted the background of suicide today.

While wrestling with the eyelids of grief.

The bashful serial killer.

Grabbed by a sleigh of victimized funerals.

Punched with paper cuts.

They became ghosts in slavery.

Gravity pulled their layers back.

And friction produced the last star in the sky.


One comment on “Painting Of Suicide_Written_2009”

  1. LaFantome147     October 13, 2017

    That poem is a portrayal of suicide personally taking someone beyond important to me. And all the others that have been taken by suicide like a virus that gets into people and it speaks to them pointing to ending their existence and impossible to get the voice of it out of your head until you make it gone by your life being gone.

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