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Date Written: October 17, 2017


Last night I woke up my demons,

They turned off the lights again,

And my mind went dark,

I desperately tried to turn them on,

To find the light,

Where the demons can't reach me,

It wouldn't work,

The demons cut off the power,

Tired, I fell to the ground,

ready to let myself drown in the darkness,

The demons found me,

I wanted to fight them,

I wanted to win,

But I knew that I had already lost,

They dragged me across the floor,

Grabbing me by the neck,

Making it impossible to breathe,

When they finally released me,

Screams for help left my mouth,

But I knew no one would come to save me,

Nobody would hear the screams,

They never knew about the demons

living inside my head,

This time,

I had had enough,

There was only one solution to my problem,

I threw the demons off my back,

Grabbing one of their guns,

I raised the gun and pulled the trigger,

Freeing myself

By killing the worst demon of them all,


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