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Dinner Guest

Date Written: September 24, 2017

The body that bears my name
My hair falls flowing along her back
Sits smoothly upon her midnight leather jacket
Her smile is no longer confined
A parasite she scuttles across your spine
Lost all sense of feeling
Till I've sucked you dry
But you embrace her heavenly light
Welcome her into your broken home
And far past her conversation and the drinks
I'll light your home ablaze
And the flames will prance upon your bodies
The dazzling gowns you'd always dreamed of
And the neighbors
Risen from their drowsiness by the sweet scent of burning flesh
Stumbling toward the fiery ball of warmth
Like millions of moths fluttering towards the lamplight
Couldn't tear their eyes from your bereft bodies
As they were dragged away beneath the night sky
And when they finally crawl back beneath their tattered sheets
They'll keep their door cracked open
Dreaming of somewhere in the cold and lifeless night 
Where her smirk is simmering beneath the silent sky
And she will be their dinner guest

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