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Angels I Have Known

Date Written: October 7, 2017

I don't know how she thought she'd manage

getting those groceries up the stairs

what with a walker, bags and a cane

but I earned a such an angel

so it was a good day.


Set me thinking though, about my angels.

some of them–they just show up,

Like that tall one that reached above my head

for the door to 7-11, then warmed me with

a murmured…little grandma…as I passed by.

And here I'd been thinking, just before

Who needs that many tattoos?


There was a speedy one–flew a city block

to hand me my cell phone that had slipped from my purse.

Litle things? Hey, that was big to me!

I like to think they were new angels, practicing.


The loan officer on Christmas Eve

the nurse who came in on time–they're the pros.

Then, for a lifetime: a sister, a husband, a son–

you don't see the halos until they're gone.


Lois P. Burgner





So now I watch for them.

Angels are getting easier to spot–

They're the ones who smile back.



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