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Red Tears

Date Written: September 18, 2017

Red tears, help relieve stress from all those years

All those years of hurt, mistrust, and self hate

The disapproval of not being straight

And not being able to avoid my fate

These red tears, they help me feel

Sometimes I feel like a ghost, like I’m not even real

I never feel bad about them, they will eventually heal

Everyone likes to tell me I overreact to things

And it isn’t even that big of a deal

But to me it is, I wish I was easier to kill

I’m too much of a coward, to seal the deal

These red tears, they flow like soft rain

Sometimes I think they keep me from going insane

It’s fascinating to sit there and watch them go down the drain

Maybe one day i’ll be unafraid and be willing to finally cut through that vein

I try to talk about my issues but i’m talking in vain

I am better off going to the tracks and waiting for a train

These red tears are a temporary release

They momentarily put my mind at peace

I feel accomplished when I see the blood flow

This shouldn’t be the answer to my problems when I’m feeling low

People with think I am crazy if they see this I know

But I have so many problems going on I just can’t let them go

I wear a long sleeve or a hoodie so my cuts don’t show

I stop sometimes and tell myself “no”

But I always come back to cutting when I think of these underlying issues

From awhile ago, they are holding me back so i’ll never be able to grow

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