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Farewell, love….

Date Written: October 3, 2017

I wanted to save you from this hellish world

As you were living like a rose among the wild thorny bushes,

And yes, I succeeded in it,

And that's why you are there, under your grave, far behind the sands of crazy chaos…

But I am here, trapped in this bottle of poison,

Making my way throught all this to you,

But unfortunately, I know I cant reach you,

Coz you are a beauty and purest soul, relishing your heavenly stay…

And I am forever stained , with the charcoals of the burning-raging hell…

But not even the differences of heaven and hell can make us apart, my love..

And i promise by the writers of vanilla sky that

In our next life, when we both will be cats,

We will start from the beginning and live my life with you,

Which I couldn't this time…

Farewell, my love.. my friend.. my soul…

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