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Me or You?

Date Written: September 13, 2017

Red as little red riding hood's cape.

Slowly falling to the ground, as it pours out.

Don't you worry about me?

 Can you turn away? 

 Do you love me?

 You never worry about me, now I'm drifting away.

Why can't you love me?

Can you bury me inside or will you stab me a thousand times.

You never care about me.

It's always about you and never about my tears.

Don't you get it, you're killing me.

Why do you have to see to believe?

You have wounded me over and over again.

Now, you finally see me suffering,

Can you believe you are the one who caused this pain?

Here you are crying…and… complaining it's my fault.

But what you don't know is that it was your fault…

I was the accident you made.




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