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Dead DOG

Date Written: September 13, 2017

You are dead…yes—you are dead

Your grave was dug 

In the Eden of my heart


Years after years You watch me fade

Years after years my sun set in your horizon

Yet you blamed the serpent

I watch me die in your silence

Your words are light—a dim light under a bushel


My tears flowed unto your crown

Yes you answered…you answered back with rain and lightening

Yet 'Ask' you asked me to


LIVED the serpent lives—while I die the cold death 

Minute after minute

Slowly and slowly unto a new day

If DOG chooses the action of the LIVED over me

And sees test in it…then I am in the laboratory—a Test tube

Deem for doom


The garden of my heart is forbidden you said

The man of me needs to be manned

By a man of you—you also claimed

Yet you mummed at me 

When I asked the man of me to be manned 

By the man of you

How cruel! 

Why is your love this bitter?

Why must I be the grass of your test plaground?

Why this to prove your might?


You made my eyes crimsoned with red

And my body yellowed with negative heat

Making my checks moist

With silver-white stream

Like the fall of Spring


I can be squashed like a bug all day by you

I can be plagued like an Egypt all day by you

My death is nothing to you also

But you just have to know that you have been dead

In my heart all day

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