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Date Written: September 22, 2017

This grey oblivion I see below me, 

Is it not meant to be blue?

It’s movements exerting hostility,

I won’t be able to make it through. 


I imagine you beside me here,

Making sense, you’ve always been the rational one. 

You make my head almost seem clear,

Goodbye to the rain and hello to the sun. 


I turn to my right. You’re not there.

I know why though, it is all my fault. 

A figment of my imagination, nothing but air;

Carrying the bitter flavour of salt. 


I’m back. I snap out of my episode of delirious 

Day dreams. You would never see me again, 

There is no longer an us,

There will only ever be a “do you remember when?”


I made myself hate you. 

Although I really loved you. 

I was just terrified of you hating me. 


You started to hate me. 

You no longer loved me. 

I question if you ever really did.

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