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Date Written: September 25, 2017

Bodies intertwined. 

An endless river of limbs and smooth skin. 

A cloud of sweat surrounding them as they enjoy their moments in bed together. 


This act of intimacy, 

This trust between two bodies, two minds, 

The creation of a bond so seemingly hard, yet so truly easy to break. 


Her hair, her silken waves, gripped in his hands, 

His manly hands, 

Something so soft yet solid, like granite. 

Like marble. 


This need is more than emotional. 

It is something more biological, innate. A craving.

As her body fits perfectly in his arms, like it was made solely for her.


She feels at home here. Safe. 

She doesn’t care how long this will last.

All she knows is that she never wants this to end, 

This cocoon of warmth and security she believes is just for her.


Oh, how naive she is. 

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