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The Tunnel

Date Written: September 20, 2017

Is there any light at the end of the tunnel?

If there is, I can't see it.


Pitch black and dank with a musty stale stench in the moist air..

Reminiscent of an abandoned Alaskan mine shaft visited long ago.


There must be a way out.

I can feel a faint cold breeze quietly whistling past my face.


But I can't see a way out.

It's scary down here.

If only I had somebody to help me.

Or a torch? A glimmer of light even?


Nobody can hear me down here.


A slimy drop of cave water drips onto the back of my neck and trickles down my back which sends a ghostly chill down my spine.

Panic-stricken I ascend onwards through the claustrophobic rat run.

But to no avail.


I feel like I'm lost in an evil Labyrinth.

Blind and disorientated I kneel and pray for a guiding light or a helping hand.

Nobody comes. Nothing changes.


Still no light and can't feel the breeze anymore.

This impregnable darkness that has been bestowed upon me is a demons lair. I shouldn't be here!

I will have to dig deep within the nucleus of my soul to find the courage to beat this god forsaken place.


I now know what I must do, but I know the journey will be endless with many treacherous obstacles ahead.



I live in hope that I can find the light I seek and journey out of this bottomless pit of a tunnel.

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