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Date Written: October 6, 2017


I sailed across the great seas,

to the land of beauty.

Sun was bright,

Spring season was is in full bloom,

green leaves looked translucent, 

everyone were rejoicing and celebrating,

lying on the green meadows,

some cooking their barbeque,

bag pipers playing music,

children playing, young man singing,

and simply enjoying the pleasantries.

Of Edinburgh, the city of joy.

I love Scotland, for its freshness, and the people

Who are warm and friendly,

This land speaks of many bygone days

Stories of the freedom, and the struggle of many great heroes,

and the life they lived once

Songs of love and the mesmerizing music

 that echos the land even today.

I feel a strange bonding, with this fortress city,

 a sense of a deep psychic connection to this virgin land,

 a land of mystery that I am in Love.


m.r. manohar

One comment on “SCOTLAND I LOVE You”

  1. Uma Natarajan     October 6, 2017

    Very good poem, descriptive very natural

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