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A Return Of Elvis

Date Written: September 2, 2017



let me make this clear as I shed a tear

the king really died in the seventies

but his memory still remains

his blood still runs through are veins

realize he was caught in a trap

some may say he had a heart attack

yet who are we to say upon this day

he took us to the ghetto & streets unknown

got his black belt in karate

made many tender moments and memories with everyone who knew him…

had a thing with Ann Margaret but you could forget that

he had his eyes set on Lisa Marie with a soon baby

But let just say if he was still around he would be eighty two

would he have bitten off more then he could chew

how many more records would he have made

Elvis in the window

Elvis in the theatre

Elvis on the radio

so many tender songs the king sang

let us always remember his tenderness

I must clearly confess

Elvis was always on my mind

what a talent in which he surely shined

love me tender & blue suede shoes

jail house rock a list that goes on & on

we must all realize the king never really did died

he lives on forever in all his faithful loyal fans

until we meet again my friend until the end

A return of Elvis Aaron Presley with much respect

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