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All Is A Will For Power Nothing More

Date Written: November 10, 2017


 hallucination in philosphical explanation
 politicians drink my wine come and smoke my tea
 we all tend to disagree from all the demonic mockery
 painted fences with reckless advances
 no second chances have to be perfect
 whom do you seek or willingly agree
 cats with blue hats
 working so hard can give you a heart attack
 put out some slack
 stubborn liberal hot headed mess
 equate logic for fear

 existentialism at its best
 I must clearly confess
 we are in quite a mess
 everyone's worshipping something
 got a bun in the oven
 kissing your second cousin
 headed for destruction
inhillation in its soul vexation
 Trump in his ivory tower can't even take a cold shower
 North Korea's little boy porker
 where the fuck is this wall ?
 do we have to hear it from the voice of a no it all

 barbed wire fences
 extremeties to watch suckers bleed
 heroin on the rise
 abortion on demand
 when will we ever live to understand
 Elder Bush try's to get some bush
 the corporate greed what a fucking sleeze
 busy as a bee in your society
 blinded leaders of the blind
 some will fall into a great ditch
 then most marry a bitch
 yet lust isn't pure love
 we sweep things under the rug
 Satan laughing spreads his wings
 all in all by its evil twisted means

 can't help you
 cause they can't even help themselves
 extortioners & real liars
 no one has a voice today
 no one gives a shit
 worried abouth Hugh Hefner sucking on his final tit
 zombie creatures with viscous fangs that bite dripping blood of side
 you all want to just run away & hide
 its the actual day of the walking dead face full of lead

One comment on “All Is A Will For Power Nothing More”

  1. comnpkpillai     November 10, 2017

    Boring, torture, disinterest
    No plan, no aim
    Unsuccessful passion
    All contribute to erotic and unnatural life.
    Search for fulfilling desires rather self self satisfaction.

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