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Autumn’s Sigh

Date Written: September 28, 2017


ambiance filters through the cascading scene
alone I hide away from the grey illusive duration
Autumn's rich heart permeates with love
lines are being formed in the sand
soon the leaves will change
at breakfast a frozen pop tart
yet this will light that inner spark of what I need to know
phantom Summer is now gone
still not to late to sing along
cats know what's soon in store
for their outside fun will soon be no more
outside in its fashonable decor
the ice cream man truck no longer visits

solace in the sullen brevity of these days
soon the snow will fall
the over turned colors on the many leaves
natures beckoning call to be still
sweet melodic memories in our heads
the sun & the moon
clothes in closet time  to clean your room
yet I'm not going away to soon
squirrels with tiny acorns up the tree
soon the fading away of the honey bee
moments created like these
a time well spent in thought

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