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Blue Eyes Crying In The Wind

Date Written: October 6, 2017

you got to be perfect in a non perfect world

out of clear simplistic style you know all the great while

we all must face a trial in this land so very mean

tossed and turned another page has been turned


the lonely cowboy out on the range with saddle

a brigade of dudes follow him but he don't care

blue eyes crying in the wind

in his solace he sees an innate vision something he's been wishing


the prarie is dark and desolate at time

he sips on his warm flask of whiskey

thunder comes from his hidden gait

make no mistake the fallen breeze whistles a storm


some would even curse the very day they were born

blue eyes crying in the wind

a good way in which to begin once again

he's not the sophisticated shoot them up type


nor is he ever looking for a fight

he gives way for cadence on his sun set brim

a time to refrain from his work

a pause to rest

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