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Come Out & Be Heard

Date Written: November 5, 2017

Come Out And Be Heard


Poet To Poetry Hide Me From Society Melt Me In The Fervor Of Sullen Brevity !

there are lines being drawn in the sand let the reader understand in the furtherance of the plan…

A challenge to be set free is a question of time use logical persuasion from behind

the clock on the wall has holes in the side with a sought grained polish of dust

talk with me walk with me through the passage of time with a highway with cars without tires

the mere notion of intellectualism has taken a back seat toward compromise to its twisted lies…

no one has a voice anymore no one wants to be heard


corporate greed with fat cats with blue hats filter through the streets

agruments ensue over yesterdays left over newspaper yet we tend to rattle the chain


society you don't have a part in me cause you lied to me

saying the claim I am what I do you have bitten off far more then you could every chew

you walk the New York mile taking the Hudson Ferry


people get mad at me cause I'm in support of gay rights the fact that we should coexist

your going to have a fight with my fist if you don't resist yet you think I' m so one sided

take you back in a blast from the past 1975 watching the Donny & Marie show waiting for my pops to make me those little pizzas in the oven

those good old days from the past having so much fun with a hope that it would last

today we are devided minds are plugged with evil destruction

everyone texts & no more need for family get togethers around the kitchen table

lock themselves inside their proverbial room waiting to seal their tomb

yet at one time we can climb together as a melting pot for the furtherance of love


buying your time there's a great ladder to climb until you reach heaven's door lest I implore

today we got Nas, Fetty & Snoop hitting the famed rap scene busting out dope joints.

got to kick it to the curb as if you have heard they cry for peace in the woods laying on the grass.

No one today gets by on any free pass we got bills to pay plans to be made

we are the bold the blue and the brave letting are stars shine brightly in the midnight hour

its all a will or a quest for power perhaps you may need to take a cold shower

Trump in his ivory tower that no it all president that's thinks he's getting something done

Yeah we heard Eminem's take on the whole rap scope of intellectualized mentality

but we as a nation have something far more up our sleeve as we quest for love

burning bridges with soup kitchens way out of order holding your own with the foodstamps

we are all learning to take part in the danceCme Out & Be Heard

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