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Dark Imprisoned Minds Of Hate

Date Written: November 6, 2017



Dark Imprisoned Minds Of Hate


today we are living in a world of hate

its a text, tweet & snap chat society

burning holes through there cell phone

no one gathers together & break bread

what is going on inside their head

its the blind leading the blind

soon to fall into a ditch

everyone appears to have a nervous twitch

following Satan into his pit

no one gives a shit


bleeding hearted liberals that seek for self to please

stop spreading your deadly disease

one equates logic for fear

sad times ahead for the walking dead

corporate greet politicians have something up there sleeve

no one prays anymore even go to church

they take the word of God and twist it to suit their own lies

does this come at any big enough surprise

whats been done has certainly been done before

Death row inmates in seclusion away from society yet still living in debauchery

the innate mockery of socially wandering wizards

they can't help you cause they can't even help themselves

faces, traces & spaces

gun shots in the streets speaking of abortion on demand

when will they ever understand

they keep sticking it to the man


a society that's blind from the truth of God

they would be rather basking off the coast of Cape Cod

thinkers, winkers & moaners

grown ups who are controllers

viscious long fangs that bite dripping blood off side

darkened logic leading to death

evil minds that plug destruction

yet lines are being drawn in the sand

people are starting to wake from their sleep

a new day has dawn

it all comes down to choice

we tend to sweep things under the rug

as if the cart is in front of the horse

then there's divorce in uprising of shootings in our school

yet who are we to judge

yet no one has a voice no one seems to care

you got bread in the oven but you don't share

you resist the gay & call them queer

none the worse for wear


seek for better days in light of what you see within sullen brevity

its quite a tragedy to leave behind a homily

but people do what they please

2 comments on “Dark Imprisoned Minds Of Hate”

  1. Astitva the common buddy     November 6, 2017

    Wow, that is awesome. Very deep meaning.
    5 stars

  2. Hope Davis     November 6, 2017

    Reading this made me feel the anger you have in how society is these days and I felt sad for you because where I am people go to church and our local community are very supportive, run free weekly breakfasts to encourage face-to-face interaction, run singing classes and walking groups to encourage people stay active…………….I know there are good people where you are someday and I hope and pray you meet them to show you that life can be good…………….thanks for sharing……….peace 🙂

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