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Date Written: September 4, 2017



the ellure of darkness evokes a response

many look inside to hide away the pain & sorrow

we are led here by a force of course

there is a way that seems right to a man

but in the end is a pathway to death

Death and darkness are pushing forward to the call

raise the spirits and you'll be blinded for the end is all the same

trapped beneath the surface of my fragile egg shelled brain

under pressure locked in cages

the powers that warn

windows in houses pillars of glass

darkened fervor radiates to the vested under ground

alone I stand with faces in the window having storms in the night

reckless hearts torn in derision

together you'll never be stronger then me

don't follow behind the dreaming on the outside

there is no remorse for the sinner

in bitter ashes permeates their forbidden conquest

yet I digest anger to the futherance of exploits

locked inside my brain I suddenly go insane

enraged fear of the torment of the damned

at last i know this fire dying

burning for another day

of my returning somewhere far away

something that he holds will never break

each of us faces test in life

amidst the bitter strife

dark pillars of omen conquest left by the wizard

the light has left me blind

take me back to the land where i could breath

of another spell that will leave you straight to Hell

death is filled with poison & shame

no escape

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