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Date Written: September 25, 2017



the weight of the world came crashing down

thoughts of suicide and I'm running wild

one can climax in a dream with an evil scream

all your weight falls on me it brings me down

eyes, hands & feet


Shadows block the surface of the moon

as you hide away in your lagoon

you contructed pyramids to honor the dead

what is going on inside are head

lazy diamond studded flunkies


yet the equestrian horse sits idol on the very edge of the room

shallow promises will seal your tomb

in my lifetime it was a will for power

perhaps I'll have to take a cold shower

filter through the noise with a pinch of gravity

somehow we take things in stride or let it be


life is like a roller coaster with all it's twist and turns

one soul soars while the other will soon burn

maybe its in extasy or desires and dreams

things caught up in the means

yet we have come this close not to turn back now

we vacation in Florida then return to the plough

there's a dozen of thoughts in my head

living in the land of the walking dead

can't even think to dismiss this earthly bliss with a time well spent in thought

having a dozen of pots in your sink

we torture ourselves from deep inside

many want to run away and hide

then to stay in the game the thought to light the flame

why is everybody insane ?

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