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Don’t Give A Flying Fart

Date Written: October 28, 2017

Don't Give A Flying Fart


you get pulled over and have no seat belt on don't give a flying fart

you wake up late for school and you don't want to go

you ask your mom please but she still says no

miss two classes and no homework

teacher teaches class like your some kind of jerk

can't even wink to dismiss this earthly bliss

when there's a dozen of pots in my sink

we dream of better days yet get lost in some purple haze

yet year after year we are as mice getting stuck in a maze

go to bathroom in your pants yet you hide it away in a secret place

don't give a flying fart about politics and the newest trend

we all must keep it in check lest I inspect a newer way of living

bask in the vast expanse of sex, drugs & rock and roll


like Johnny Paycheck sang, "Take this job and shove I ain't working here no more".

like spaghetti without the sauce or toast without butter

is it any wonder we got too much time on our hands

let the reader understand you can't keep sticking it to the man

don't give a flying fart on your critical mindset of fire blown in its fullest desire

don't care in what you say or did that's why i put an M80 under a garbage can lid

ever since I was a kid I did what was best for me that's how i studied my history

life is busy when you are making other plans i hope you all someday will understand

don't give a flying fart when your out burning the midnight oil

have to wait far to long watching water to boil

got Trump in his ivory the know it all for president

don't give a flying fart on who will take up residence

in the changing of the season everyhting happens for a reason

One comment on “Don’t Give A Flying Fart”

  1. elvis sinatra     October 28, 2017

    the list of all lists has arrived
    it will make your memory come alive!

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