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Dragged Through The Mud

Date Written: October 26, 2017



well to bring cadence amidst the fallen dew

hope springs a new through the vibration of sorts

we have erected pyramids to honor our dead

my soul permeates a reason to go on strong

as a cordeal eruption in the vast scheme of things

the notion of a whisper let it filter through your head

faces with traces of muse its the walking dead

perhaps this is the land where Nero tread

Awake to the new day exposed by the sun light

let it be a reflection upon your hair


cover me like glue on the refuse of our love

willingly excuse the part that is dragged through the mud

as if a cow would chew its cud

dream with sweetness in the twilight of your room

keep the solace amidst the texture of a Persian rug

in silence now the halls perfume the room

nectar on the outside corner is inviting

pillars of granguer line the cement gloss of its perimeter

the gods have spoken through a channel as if a port in storm

curse the very day when you were actually born


languished in the modern man's head

a face full of lead base on what has been said

control is the real issue of the moment

vomit in red pools filled with blood

the occasion of the surplus train exposed to the elements

dirty barbed wire formed on its textile base asunder

like a cold clap in the dark you lit the inner spark of what I'm here to say

brevity amidst the humilty of letting things be

a reason to believe tossed away in the storm

the blatant mockery of each twist and turn

one soul soars while the other is soon to be burned


yet we can't have it both ways we must choose

there are two roads you can go by but in the long run there's still time to change the road your on.

Neil Young thought he could pack it in & by a pick up head out to L.A.

we shall never forget even in regret to show love to a friend

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