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Dream World Pt I

Date Written: October 20, 2017



last night I had a reacurring dream

of a man injecting a needle in his arm while holding a baby

there was cobwebs and darkened portals illuminated throughout the duration

could make out features of demonic nature in the man's face

in the dream I ran fast towards the door but it was locked

frantic I felt helpless almost liquified jello in state

screams of Satanic laughter came through the hallways

alone I stayed in the silence of my thoughts


a black cat was at the door with a fierce look on its face

blood was on the ceiling and on the walls

this was a house of horror to say the least

a good Steven king thriller couldn't come close to this

then with a hiss the cat moved and the door was opened so I ran

faster and faster away in the night into a vast forest

still not looking back but in an instant fell head long from a prompted log below my step


a hand caught my grip and pulled me up but as soon as I could say thanks the figure vanished

the forest was darkened owl howling the wind in my hair

a sorted scene wherby Pan would come out and play his flute

yet in the distance there were eyes looking back at me with fierce fangs that bite dripping blood off side

I began to run away and hide

my stomach was tied up in knots

then I awoke to what ?

One comment on “Dream World Pt I”

  1. elvis sinatra     October 20, 2017

    Beware the vast forest
    For its hold on reality is porous! 5 fierce fangs!

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