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Gimme Shelter

Date Written: November 5, 2017

long ago I hated the stones
then before long grew up
ran gauntlet after gauntlet
till one day
I wore the leather jacket
they said I would look good
in…grow your hair
and beard….
gave me skinny jeans
I picked up a wallet chain
and sunglasses
I mountian bike
and grit from the sidewalks
and road even at first gear
chopper speed
Mountian bike speed
no front fender
U get bugs…dirt
insects..thus the dark
shades….Its not just
too look cool
and cold air too
I was working..
had just finished at a top
end military installation
slinging fibre optics
I was up a pole
the stainless cable
lasher I was transferring
when the eclipse right
around here happened
Darkness overhead..
streetlights came on
at the horizon nothing
but light…as if a
dusk or dawn
was three sixty all
about while cold of night
decended and street
lights powered up…
I loved it…I can see
why It scared the shit
out of the ignorant

many will do what they
want in guadratic configurations
and it will suprise U

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