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I Exist

Date Written: November 4, 2017



as an erection ready to burst

inside the sweat of my hand let the reader understand

through towers that enncompass a rich epitaph

my soul permeates a lasting faith

through borrowed pews with the latest news

the kotex lying on the floor lest I implore

a call for awe so much more but what

working too hard can give you a heart attack

why do we equate logic for fear

branded ivy briars blemished in the exterior of a flood

we tend to sweep thing under the rug

a store bought pardon for the forgotten

have we forgotten Ben Laden

everyone has a voice but no one's using it

the exploits of a harnass in its textual plough


I exist through a flicker then no more

although the powers that be will sway

the taunt of the nightingale puts a smile on my face

yet soon to be erased by the mere notion of sadness

marked on a blotted page yet clearly intact

cheap thrills popping pills & heroin on the street

with ellusive brigade of a fantasy swirling through my brain

snap sot moments on the past with a hope that it would last

no one in this life gets by on any frees pass

I exist in the morning after a night with burgers and frys

through the ceiling beams a light of trivial pursuit

with the notion of a faint whisper in the midnight hour


perhaps I was here before the world began

with soft pillows to prompt my head to give it a sense of solace

to soar to heights unknown

in lucid dreams with midnight screams

a knock on the door lest I implore something more

the hospitible decor with colors of white, green & red

what is going on inside my head

sidewalk zombies with a thirst for blood

a cow chewing on its tender cud

you spoke to me in the tender moments in a dream

lines being formed in a vast stretch of the imagination

perhaps now is a good time to take a rest on a long awaited vacation


I exist through the climax of two lovers in passionate sex

the marble decorum for a thirst for more pleasure

to rest in the basking in the vast expanse between space & time

through wandering hours when faces do shine

faces in the window with storms in the night

I exist to never give up on the fight
















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