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Joker Gone Wild

Date Written: November 13, 2017

it was 1893 in a mental institution by the sea

there was locked in a zombie of a man let the reader understand

yet he had an ingenious plan to escape through a trapped ceiling door

making his way on one cold frightful night onto the streets of London

the air was brisk yet had a tint of fog but yet he drifted as a log

sucking the necks of virgins in their midnight apparel

infecting them with his deadly venom cause he was not of this earth after all

one day a child was conceived from the rape that was put on a woman

the young lass had hairy as a Wolverine & tongue that was green

shaken inside the man had no place to hide until he went into the cemetery

now he felt at home with his head next to a stone

they used to put bells on the toes so that if they were alive it would ring

a funeral director took the man by the stone and drapped him with cloth having a bell attached…


suddenly the bell rang and the director met his fate as if he was bait

sucking the blood the zombie man disappered into the night

many years had passed still having every reason to grasp this time the young child Wolverine was a full grown man

locked away inside an institution alone until one night he was greeted by his long lost pappy

taking him down from the ceiling trapped door to explore once again

this time with a fiddle in his hand let the reader understand

the time away the zombie man made a deal with the devil to stay out of trouble

together at last there was a zombie family happy as can be for the rest is left out in sweet history.

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