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Learning To Fly

Date Written: October 7, 2017



it started to rain on the night that we first decided to fly

inside I was a bundle of nerves and then the suspense kicked in

we huddled close behind the many gadgets to explore

little by little we drew momentum to the setting of the sun

life was just like that flight in motion a certain aimed solution

its filled with many test and such

just like Tom Petty sang, "I'm learning to fly, but I ain't got wings

Coming down is the hardest thing".


deep comes onto deep starting from my head down to my feet

one day at a time we you shall climb until at last you make the victory sign

we are living in a world torn up inside without any notion of love


exposed to the elements we then can learn to fly

you just have to give it your best try

such as the uneventful pop fly in the center fielder

features will grow but the challenge is getting greater

each new experience fosters another lapse of a response

learn to take deep breaths inside through the cycle of life amidst its given strife

gravity is in most of society some folks just let it be

stand determined to make it through the finish line and you'll do fine

just like Steve Harvey on the family fued always in a good mood


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