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Living The Dream

Date Written: November 9, 2017


My mother had a dream
Just like Martin Luther King
To climb the mountain of dreams
And made it all seem real
Her inspiration to find those who are lost
To give them the incentive to live and move on
Has now become my dream
To teach, and let our youth see
That they too can have a better life
Better dreams
What an inspirational women she was
You live on in my heart mum
Cause I am living your dream
When you’re living the dream
You let no one stop you from getting there
You try to make your life worth more than ever before
Because you now have another purpose for living
We’re living the dream everyday
Even though we may not know it
Because we are too busy trying to go
A different way

When I live my dream
I live it to its full coverage
Because I know that mistakes happens
And they happen for a reason
Don’t try to be someone you’re not
That just makes life even harder for you
I care for the ones who are true
Not the ones who are through
With their dreams
My dream really matters to me
And no one is gonna take it away from me
I surround myself with people who are trying
To get where I’m going and not trying to
Hold me down.
So, for all my people who are out there trying to
Live that wonderful dream
Take a lighter and light in the sky
And say I’m going to live the life of my dreamLiving The Dream

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