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Lock up The Wolves

Date Written: September 5, 2017



in a caged barbaric frenzy from a tale of long ago

there lived in desolation on a barren island

wolves in there own habitation

out of the fascination they would eat as scavengers in danger

often in peril a lost soul from the outer banks would land on its premises

alone and uncharmed he would rise to pillage

all of a sudden out of no where the wolves would come

long hanging viscous fangs that bite with fright dripping blood off side

there would be nothing left to the poor soul raped up in maggot infested drool…

authorities got word that the island had these creatures on it

they had summoned a search party that would retrieve these brute beasts

it started to rain on the night that they first decided to search

darkened barren forest with the unknown residence

for the first couple of days getting stuck in a haze

but the brave men journeyed to capture these beasts

fire was brought in to light the path in the heat of the night

suddenly two eyes appeared & arose with fear

jumped on the militia men and frightened them

there was a toxic zombie look in the creatures eyes

the authorities wasted no time and rounded the beasts up

much to there surprise they were quite harmless after all

yet the order were announced to lock up the wolves

for many weeks would pass having every reason to grasp

the final decision was made an order to kill the wolves on spot

but I never forgot about where they were and where they came

a firing squad did the horrible deed & they were no more

yet there memory lingers on in poetry & song

One comment on “Lock up The Wolves”

  1. Sonja Carnes     September 5, 2017

    Interesting and good! Nice work

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