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Love Like The Autumn Sun

Date Written: September 20, 2017



through the sweet vortex of our inner frame

we can dream of far off places with kings and queens

shaped through the fragments of are exploits

someday you will be all alone in your room

there you will read a text to reflect upon your life

we each are on a journey in this life

some ponder the existence of God

other reflect in the day to day toil

love is the mere essence of are existence

shine your inner light upon the twilight hour


shadows block the mere reflection of my frame

not having you in my arms is driving me insane

lest I refrain another door by which to explore

there is so much more in this game of life

within its given strife we can learn

one soul soars and another will soon burn

we better wait are turn in this wheel in the sky

the faint lulabye in its scope


thoughts can make you recapture about a life here after

some like the fantasy cause its like the real thing

other ponder grace as there guide through life's surprise


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