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Road To No Where

Date Written: November 10, 2017



for I sit alone idle in my room

the sweet personifications of dashing perfume

inside I melt away the dross of vivid expectations

nestled on the very fragment of a figment of my imagination

we embrace a lonesome smile yet to know all the great while

the world itself run wild

we set aside the big screen for some evil scheme

coupled with a frenzy of what's make believe


there is a way that seems right to a man

yet in the end will lead to one's death

I must clearly confess on its newest conquest

we see the drive by and we all run away to hide

the road is dangerous at times with an up hill climb

until you walk in another persons shoes

you have every right to sing the blues


knocking holes in the ceiling wall

what better way perhaps another call

we each need to relax then to bask in the vast expanse

there are two doors you can go by

yet in the long run there's still time to change the road your on

barbed wires fences with gladed trenches

lets learn to draw away from any defenses














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