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Sara Smiles On Me

Date Written: November 10, 2017




lavender sprinkled with spice

a splash on her life through a dream

she sits alone in the couch away holding a brush

mystical montage of angelic forces beckoning her call

deep inside she see the bright sign of amber hue

music devides her soul to evoke what is rational

a splash again this time among a beach

trying to catch that frisbee so out of reach

in her dream put to fancy she radiates a vast tendency

a choice to be known among all that dwells

in life is but a living hell

there is a quaint hobbit little in stature

known to prepare others for the great here after

as she gathers her flight among the rolling hills

looks to the Albatross flying to ever soaring heights of splendor


colorizations of red, green & blue

as a beacon of light to a hurting world in search of love

with a baby's hair and a womans eyes

she exists in the twilight

embarks on another journey throughout a forest

a whole host of creatures as if a late night double feature

there alone in the silence of her room

the smell of ravishing perfume

yet the road is long for Sara in her splendor

one step in this dark enchantment and she is soon touched

by a hand to hold her in the midnight hour

she will soon discover the ever brilliance of a fairy in sullen brevity

Sara smiles on me


filled with sea side beds of majestic encounter

beautiful personifications that will take her farther

the sweet kiss on her neck she must confess

all of life is but a test

within quaint little fixtures her very soul permeates a reason

broadened spectrum of a great design never left behind

she has a significant purpose that some may dismiss it

tastes all of life's melodies starting to spread its disease

yet deep inside she has pains that bind

drifting ever further to the sea of tranquility

a portion of dust whisked in mid air for ever more to share

loving smile with a tender kiss she will forever dismiss



















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