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Shelter Me In

Date Written: November 9, 2017



today I exist as a vapor then I am no more

some may equate logic for fear that brings nothing near

my chest is heavy and my pulse is setting in

yesterday was such an easy game we used to play

awe but then let's face it it's quite easier today

for I am not myself these day for all i know I might by two

there's room enough in store to view yet I'm in a bind

I'm likewise in a haze for who I am from scene to scene

yet luck's provision is preverse it seems to work more in reverse

if things are better they'll be worse in quite a while

hey penny , one penny, tri penny, three

nature seldom ever fails to most surprisingly provide an undisclosing posing side

at one's dismay one needs to pray


Shelter me in a newer way to begin

won't you help me my friend

through mountains of madness amidst all its sadness

we can dig deeper then ever before

lest I implore another opened door

getting caught up in the middle playing a game of second fiddle

most of life seems to be a riddle

Shelter me in through the storms of life

amidst each added spice as if were on a roller coaster

don't stop me now but I may need a lawyer

as we get a little older we can grow to succumb to the world's cloister

like a hen with a rooster gets your pets spayed and nuetered.

we are only here for a short time so sound the alarm


inside we hide behind four walls that seal

caught up in a fix in every hope as you hold your crucifix

there's danger up ahead yet we lie in bed in the walking dead

a face full of lead falling apart at the seams in the evil schemes

shelter me in so I can breath always got something up my sleeve

shadows block the vortex of the sun lit resolution

we are out searching for the latest solution

in barbed wire fences always second glances

we often will scamble as Felix was played by Tony Randall

its hard to handle living in a society that's blind you see

but as a poet friend I'm making sweet lasting memories

languished over the onslaught of feelings inside

your the tool of the government and industry to

its all a will for power nothing more lest I simply implore

the fate for so much more yet for what ?


shelter me in out in the playing field of delegation as polticians embrace a resonable solution

in the newspaper as shelter lies dormant in its beckoning call

to the know it all out in his ivory tower its in the hour of power

bask in the vast expanse between space and time

John Lennon said it best, "Happiness is a lone gun momma bang bang shoot shoot".

we got thick headed polticians that can't even reason

suicide is on the rise people are running away to hide

abortion on demand when will we ever live to understand

no one has a voice anymore no one understands

until today we got every good reason to bow our heads to pray

a mass hysteria in our land as we text our way through the day

no one breaks bread anymore no one bothers to pray

yet it ought not be this way on some sorted time delay

you still make fun of the gay instead of embracing them as they are our family

lines being drawn in the sand when will we ever live to understand


Shelter me in my friend with whom I can depend people are making choices

there maybe something blowing in the wind for Dylan was right on that one

building bridges that go across party lines in their most unique affliation

philosophically filled up with sullen brevity and everything that does the heavy deed

we often will hide behind the false hidden garb of compromise taking heed to twisted lies

Shelter me in so that I may live it all over once again my dearly beloved friend may you understand.

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