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Shelter Me In

Date Written: November 5, 2017

just a little more time is all where asking for
just a little uncertainty can bring you down
falling emblems that drape the nomadic tapestry
in conclaves of dwarfed resolution of pillars of thought
where do we begin when we fall once again
a plate of fries with ketchup on the side
laughter has enhanced the mood as tombstones are fastened in lone pillars
there is music in my heart now that you are gone from me
years of vice has thrilled me to an end in sight
forget the night & the day is far spent
alone in my room & then I stare at the wall
in the back of my mind I hear my conscience call
telling me I need a girl whose as sweet as a dove
for the first time in my life I see i need love

shelter me in so I can breath with grace seasoned with salt
Be to me a Sanctuary.
Cloister me with love.
Shelter me.
In covert hide shade my face
With yours, enter into
Every cell of me, to prove
My Rock's soul spacious.
Shelter me.
Roof me with your heart.
In seclusion cover and
Umbrella me, with skintight
Fit, so we wont part.
Shelter me.
Be to me a valiant Knight.
Fight for me with words.
Love's darts, tried and true.
Soften me, nightly.
Shelter me.
Gold-filled verses will,
Like swords, cut small doubts
Right out, unleashing
All my yielding soul.
Shelter me,
Then I will wholly know
Love's conquest has occured.

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