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Silent Mourning

Date Written: September 12, 2017



the bitter quest for a heart that is in unrest through tough times we go

my flesh has a bitter taste raptured through the aura of vain unrest

all of life is a test getting behind the squeeky wheel thinking to yourself

in visions cascading through the very fiber of my existence join in the resistance

come on and take a chance at which permeates fresh thoughts within

a soul is reckless if not found it wanders through corridors vast intense

love has gained it also has lost in humanites heaviest of cost

when I sleep at night I see your face I can't go on without your love

in a dream my love you will find my heart to make a fresh start

all for the inner hope of what you have been living for

we grasp for straws only to find a reason for believing in the changing of the season

without any reason let's climb toward destiny's ladder without any falter

to begin to prepare are hearts for the great here after


Silent mourning with tears in my eyes traveling through a vast domain

not having you in my arms is driving me totally insane

love is the essence of my inner existence through the duration of time

take hold of my hand and you will understand to find a peace that passes all understanding

real love is developed over time in needs to be challenged with tests

without growth the soul will fold amidst the over load

a challenge to be free is a question of time

two souls in deep passion you will know what I'm asking for

you say you really love me and I'm always on your mind

you have to prove your love is true to me

let are inner hearts unfold to what we are truly searching for

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