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Date Written: October 8, 2017



one two three into the four

hit this switch I'm in the mix

trying to get my quick fix

stealing the words as if you haven't heard

I'm not balling but you keep crying

at the same time with the dope rhyme that I kick

life is filled with a story book dream eating ice cream

getting busy with my lady nothing shady

when I'm on the mic its like a cookie that crumbles

chilling like a villain in my pad at home

like a lost dog without its bone


working overtime all is fine

a kick in your behind & we stand in line

you sit on the coach all these years pushing up tears drinking all those beers

rap is for pussy's just like you

biting off far more then we could chew

standing on top with my forty in my hand

dancing to the hip hop rhymes standing in line

everything is fine cause in my mind

I see a crystalized vision out on a mission


you call it smack cause its blown up stuff

in an evil world in quite a bit of rush we give it another push

a reason to believe getting knocked down on my knees

its the bomb thing on the street at the moment

burning the midnight oil taking to long watching water to boil

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